M2 Сash

The world’s first funded decentralized digital currency designed to put the Power back in People's hands.

Hand holding crypto coin
  • Security of crypto transfer

    The entire supply of M2

    50 billion tokens were created and locked inside a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain along with $50 million dollars of liquidity. No additional M2 tokens can ever be created.

    Since the liquidity is locked in the smart contract and cannot be removed, it prevents "rug pulling" from happening to holders of M2.

  • Security of crypto transfer

    M2 does not have any "owners"

    It is totally decentralized.

    No centralized company or organization controls it. The Power is truly with the People who hold M2.

  • The automated market maker

    The automated market maker

    Anyone at any time can swap in and out of M2 using ETH, USDC, USDT, or DAI.

    When M2 is purchased, no funds go to any person or organization. The Automated Market Maker handles all trades.

  • M2 is a deflationary token

    M2 is a deflationary token with a percentage of tokens burned/destroyed once per day.

  • M2 will be able to be mined by anyone with a cell phone

    M2 will be able to be mined by anyone with a cell phone

    No big mining rigs are needed. As a result, M2 will help empower people and economies all around the world.

M2 current price and stats

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